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We are a leading global supply chain manager of agricultural products, metals,raw materials and other commodities with valuable services. With over 20 years of experience in agricultural fields and metals ,our activities include trade commodities such as : raw and refined sugar, rice, corn, barely ,wheat, oil seeds, edible nuts, green or raw coffee.

Our metals activities has many involvements in the steel market in more than one geographic location we specialize in sourcing , shipping and marketing of steel products being both exported and imported. Our products are sourced directly from well-reputed mills and manufacturers and these associations have been developed over considerable time which ensures proper and efficient handling of our clients.

- As our philosophy has centered and focused on customer services ,we value the sort of process that ensures efficiency, customer satisfaction and ease of communication. we are committed first and foremost to our customers by making sure all the products and services provided are of exceptional quality.It is this dedication and grass roots involvement that has contributed to our success as a leader in trades.


With the advantage of being directly linked and ventured to the international network of goods ,we are able to barter commodities of all kind which provides more flexibility, this allows us to successfully develop a multitude of long-standing relationships with the end users. Our methods and solutions have been designed considerably to minimize potential risks and maximize profits and revenues.

- Our R&D department together with the marketing department are gathering all the relevant data and latest news to assess and forecast business proposals, contemplate strategies along with creative solutions. We take actions in response to the findings and proceed to keep the company on top of current market needs. -

We make good use of hedging products to protect operating margins and reduce the downside risk to market volatility. Being a stock broker we monitor currency movements and provide financial solutions that minimize exposure to volatility in currency trades.



We source both raw and refined sugar in bulk, in bags or containers.We originate sugar from the world’s leading sugar producing countries. We ship and distribute sugar to customers, industrial users, distributors ,wholesalers and refineries .




We can offer all grades and qualities of rice with our sourcing strengths in Asia and South America to any part of the world.Our strategy of setting up distribution networks in the destination markets, coupled with selective backward integration into logistics and origination provide us with a strong foundation to profitably grow our business.




With established networks and a strong end-market presence in the major wheat ,barley and corn destinations wordwide,we are committed to maintaining a long term interest in the global grains trade.




Our oilseeds products are also sourced from Asia , South America and the middle east. The range comprises: Canola/Soya beans/Niger seeds/Sesame Seeds/Mustard Seeds/Linseed/Rape seeds



Green /raw coffee

We supply the full range of green and raw coffee from mid-sized regional to large international groups and plantations in Asia, Africa and South America .



Edible nuts

The products are sourced by us in Africa and Asia and shipped to consumers and end users globally. The varieties we specialize in are : Raw cashew nuts in shell/processed cashew nuts/Groundnuts kernels/Peanuts



Cooking oil

We are able to source a wide range of cooking oil for our clients,they are as followed : Corn oil,vegetable oil,Sesame oil,olive oil,canola oil,peanut oil,etc



Dairy products

Butter,Feta chese,margarine and more

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