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- Explore business opportunities confidently through our trade services that speed up your business transactions and manage trade-related risks.

- The Management Team offer a range of services and provide bespoke solutions for our customers. Innovative and integrated payments and cash management solutions can facilitate your real-time cash flow, reduce costs, improve security and simplify procedures.

- We also offer a variety of solutions to our Corporate Customers wishing to obtain cash funds for the procurement of items such as raw materials, machinery, equipment and even production lines.

Whether you are an established business or a newly incorporated firm, you are able to benefit from our exceptional financing services. Various businesses such as consumables, food, pharmaceutical and industrial companies use TSA credit lines, L/Cs, buy-back and other financing services. TSA also offers various types of banking guarantees such as good performance bonds, bid bonds and advance payment bonds, to facilitate commercial and servicing contracts.

- Merchant Services : Sell in ways that suit you with our merchant solutions, including POS (point-of-sale) terminals, online purchasing portals, online transaction processing solutions and in-store service kiosks.

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